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A 90-day coaching ​program to discover ​your purpose, get clarity ​on your professional ​path, and confidently ​transition into a career ​that fuels your life.

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  • If you've achieved external success but you’re yearning for a career and life that ignites ​your soul and fills you with purpose, rather than just ticking off society's boxes of ​success...

  • If you're a multi-passionate go-getter with countless ideas and aspirations, yet you find ​yourself stuck, unsure which path to choose and commit to...

  • If you're ready to become a magnet for the opportunities and experiences that align ​with your deepest desires, watching in awe as they manifest in your reality...

  • If you're craving a supportive tribe of like-minded, ambitious individuals who will not ​only cheer you on but also propel you forward on your journey...

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.

Welcome to the Purposeful Path Accelerator, a transformative group coaching ​experience and community designed specifically for high achievers like you who are ready ​to:

  • Gain crystal clarity on your unique purpose, gifts, and soul-aligned vision
  • Conquer self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and past stories that have held you back
  • Develop an unshakeable growth mindset to embrace challenges and opportunities
  • Take unapologetic ownership of your career and life path
  • Cultivate the energetics of ease, flow, and joy as you pursue your goals
  • Confidently transition to your next career chapter that fuels your life

If you're ready to stop settling for a life that doesn't set your soul on fire and start designing a ​career and life that genuinely excites you, this is your invitation to join us in the Purposeful ​Path Accelerator.

Together, we'll embark on a 12-week journey of self-discovery, mindset mastery, and ​aligned action-taking.

You'll emerge with unwavering clarity, unbreakable confidence, and unstoppable ​momentum to create the career and life you've always dreamed of.

This is your invitation to step into your power, own your purpose, and create a life that ​leaves you feeling energized, fulfilled, and alive.

Are you ready to answer the call?

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TO accomplish INSIDE with the

on purpose action method

1) PRIME: Audit energy, create boundaries, adjust habits to make ​success a default. Adopt a growth mindset about limitless ​possibilities for your career and life.

(2) PURPOSE: Gain clarity on your gifts, talents, purpose, and long-​term, soul-aligned vision via self-reflection. Commit to a near-term ​goal in alignment with your vision to take immediate action.

(3) POWER: Remove mindset blocks, shift identity, and reprogram ​beliefs. Rewrite past stories to serve you and adopt a new more ​empowering career story you can share with the world.

(4) PATHWAY: Execute a focused strategy to make progress on ​your goal without getting distracted by shiny objects. Tap into ​expert strategies for prioritization, planning, and productivity.

(5) PRESENCE: Master energetics to maintain spirit of fun, positive ​energy along the way to achieve your goals with ease and become ​magnetic to the opportunities you desire.

(6) PROGRESS: Practice sharp decision-making and beat ​procrastination, self-doubt, and overthinking to stay consistent. ​Focus on learning & growth to maintain momentum.

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12 weeks of group coaching calls to get ​unblocked & stay accountable

24/7 community of like-minded achievers ​to plug into for support & guidance

Potent weekly trainings to implement the ​On Purpose Action Method & learning ​portal of tools, resources, and worksheets

Unapologetic commitment to showing up, ready to take action & grow


“Katy is an insightful career coach who sees your possibilities and believes in you even when you have trouble believing in yourself. She tells it like it is. Katy has the radical understanding that finding meaningful work requires understanding your own light first. I give Katy full credit for unlocking my potential.”

“Katy's mentorship was a game-changer for me when I felt stuck in my consulting job. With her guidance, I explored new industries and roles, leading me to a great position where I have gained invaluable experience. Her expertise and genuine dedication have truly transformed my professional path.”

“I worked with Katy when I was coming off of a travel sabbatical and searching for direction in my tech industry career and my life. Katy helped me understand and articulate my motivations and blockers, which was key in sorting out my career transition and figuring out what I wanted to do.”

Susanna W.

Olivia B.

CArolyn G.

The framework of the exercises we did built the foundation for understanding my purpose and vision, and with Katy's push to commit to myself, I felt like I was being unleashed to go out and get that thing that I now know I want (and understand why I want it) because I deserve it. I now have the conviction.”

As I've told Katy before, the underlying driver of all the shifts that have been happening in accelerating ​fashion is the energy that began with our first structured conversations. The framework of the exercises ​we did built the foundation for understanding my purpose and vision, and with Katy's push to commit to ​myself, I felt like I was being unleashed to go out and get that thing that I now know I want (and, ​critically, understand why I want it) because I deserve it. I now have the conviction, which was always ​inside of me, attuned to a rock-solid belief and carried in a lighthearted way like I did when I was a kid.

I take chances, which don't as much feel like chances these days. I happily try things that I would have ​cycled endlessly on before. I assume it will work out because it will. I am becoming my future self right ​here and now.

My hope for you is that you allow yourself the opportunity to feel this amazing energy. Commit to ​yourself, invest in yourself. Give the foundational work your full attention, honesty, and care to get that ​true clarity. Once you have it, allow yourself to be believed in. If I can, anyone can - trust me. And you will ​know that energy when you feel it.

Zach I.


You’re ready to take 100% ownership of your ​career and life path.

You’re craving clarity on your purpose and create ​a soul-aligned vision — so you can take action on ​it NOW and level up.

You feel the urge to explore the possibility of ​change, even though it feels stretchy.

You want to acquire tools and a process that you ​can use to achieve big goals for the rest of your​ life.​

You believe in the power of community and​ showing up authentically. You know that you get​ out more than what you put in.​


You’re not ready to take responsibility for your ​career path and your results.

You expect a quick fix or overnight success ​without putting in the work.

You never procrastinate, doubt yourself, or ​overthink big decisions.

You’re unwilling to explore life outside of your ​comfort zone — aka enter your “growth zone” --- ​and tap into courage to get there.

You don’t thrive in community settings and prefer ​to operate alone or work exclusively in private1:1 ​containers.


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Katy is very helpful in emphasizing the little things that end up putting you above other candidates. She pushed me to utilize video thank you messages post-interviews, which I really think gave me a edge in this market! She helped me put the energy into the process where I didn’t feel it necessary. Whether it's how to engage with a connection, approach an interview, or build relationships that end up getting you a new role I would highly suggest working with her!

Caleb C.

5 stars icon, 5 yellow stars

My favorite thing about working with Katy is how personalized the experience is. She really takes time to drill down on identifying exactly what you’re looking for - which really helps to guide the rest of the process. Katy provided sources to find opportunities, a comprehensive list of interview questions to study, and constantly checked in throughout the process. I can’t recommend her enough. An awesome experience and coach - thank you Katy!

wael J.

5 stars icon, 5 yellow stars

Katy has showed up consistently throughout each career moment and move. Katy is an amazing coach -- she challenges you to think of all scenarios, forcing you to think bigger. She also asks all the right questions to help you come to the conclusions that are best for YOU. Whether it's reviewing offers, deciding to change roles, or even just navigating the complexities of the day to day, Katy has always shown up with a geniune care.

Kathryne C.

I found Katy through LinkedIn and was immediately drawn to her posts about pivoting careers. Katy became not only my career coach but in a holistic sense, she became a spiritual guide too. She’s versatile, intelligent, honest, driven, and leads by example.

I was not an easy case because I come from a very niche industry, and pivoting to another was daunting. She helped me knock down the roadblocks that were holding me back. I appreciate her straightforwardness because it held me accountable.

With Katy’s help, I was able to face my fears and come out the other side a better candidate, with a better sense of my future self. I turned negatives into positives. I even recorded my first thank you Loom video!

She pushes you to do things you are uncomfortable with because when you look at the big picture, there is nothing to lose. I highly recommend working with Katy if you’re looking to unlock your full potential.

Adam p.

Once you apply, we’ll have an enrollment ​call to confirm it’s a fit and answer all of ​your final questions before jumping in.

What are you waiting for?!